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Why Grannie’s Special Recipes Won’t Go Global

With lockdown and redundancies, more people than ever are thinking about starting a food and drink business.  90% of them will fail within two years, in part because of the high failure rate in all start-ups but increased by the misconceptions surrounding this industry. So, when a chum’s daughter asked me for advice, I put…

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How To Develop Your Own Food Or Drinks Brand

Richard Horwell, the owner of Brand Relations, a specialist food and drink branding company in London, spoke to Business Leader about how you can develop your own food or drinks brand. Have you ever been shopping and as you look down the shelves of drink, thought ‘I have a great idea for something new and…

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How To Create A Brilliant Brand For Your Foodie Business

You can have the best tasting, most delicious food or drink product on the market but if no one tries it, no one will ever know, 90% of a first-time purchase is based on the branding; it’s why a consumer will pick your product over their regular choice or your competition. Your branding is as…

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How To Turn Your Secret Recipe Into A Business

Do you have a food or drink recipe that has been within your family for generations? Or have you tasted a great dish or drink while travelling and would love to bring it to the UK? It’s very easy to believe that your recipe will go viral when it hits the food and drinks market;…

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Branding for success in spirits

Join Richard Horwell, the Managing Director of Brand Relations, a Food and Drink Specialist, for a conversation on the key considerations of spirits branding. From what does and doesn’t make a good brand story to knowing when to rebrand and where to focus your efforts.

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Your Brand Is As Important As The Product Itself

You can have the best tasting, most luxurious product on the market but if no one picks it up and tries it, no one will ever know. 90% of a first-time purchase is based on the branding; it’s why a consumer will pick your product over their regular choice or your competition. Your branding is…

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Prepare your spirit brand for the big reset

To rebrand at this time seems to make as much sense as if Captain Smith of the Titanic called an all-hands meeting to discuss renaming the shipping line from White Star to White Berg, while the ship was going down. But there is now a path – no, make that a motorway – to reopening…

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The rise of functional drinks and nootropics: What are consumers looking for?

Consumer buying habits are changing. In the past, it was about buying into a lifestyle that a snack or drink’s brand offered, rather than the actual product itself. Now, consumers are much more focused on health and functionality, writes Richard Horwell of Brand Relations in this guest article. Now consumers are looking for products that…

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Richard Horwell on BV TV Show

With over 40 years experience in the marketing & management within the hospitality, food & drink sector, I am passionate about the business and especially those who start and develop a food and drink business within this area.

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How to prepare now to ensure your drinks brand is a success in 2021

There’s a lot of competition on beverage shelves, and soft drinks buyers do range reviews at the start of the new year. To be successful with your drinks brand in 2021 you need to start preparing now, writes Richard Horwell of F&B marketing and branding company Brand Relations. There is a lot of competition and…

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Brand Relations MD Talks with World Food Travel Association

Listen to our January 2021 episode of Food Travel Talk TV where we discussed how the COVID pandemic is changing the food and beverage products and experiences that consumers and travelers enjoy. Special thanks to our guest Richard Horwell, Brand Relations, London, UK.

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How To Make Your Food Packaging Design A Success

Whenever we are presented with a new project at Brand Relations, we understand that market research is key. Market research without you knowing will likely influence most of the decisions you make; down to: Food or drinks packaging design Recipe Development Even where you will sell to reach your target market Researching is important, if…

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How to get a drink manufactured

How to get a drink manufactured The Manufacturing process of creating a drink is one not to be underestimated. It is a complex operation that requires experience, extensive knowledge and trusting contacts to make the perfect product- ready to be sold in shops within the shortest time frame possible. At Brand Relations, our relationships with…

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Alcohol Beverage Development Case Study: Ibiza Ice

My first brainchild was one which I developed over a few years from scratch and sold 6 years later to a Dutch Billionaire; it was a long hard road but as it was my baby and I wanted nothing more than it to be a success. The name of this brainchild was called Ibiza Ice.…

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