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At Brand Relations we provide a variety of services to get your idea onto shelves such as recipe development, web design, social media management, SEO, snack development, sample boxes, brand positioning, CRM, sales and drink recipe development.


This is also where you can find information about the products we work with and how we promote them.

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Richard Horwell on BV TV Show

With over 40 years experience in the marketing & management within the hospitality, food & drink sector, I am passionate about the business and especially those who start and develop a food and drink business within this area.

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How To Develop Your Own Food Or Drinks Brand

Richard Horwell, the owner of Brand Relations, a specialist food and drink branding company in London, spoke to Business Leader about how you can develop your own food or drinks brand. Have you ever been shopping and as you look down the shelves of drink, thought ‘I have a great idea for something new and…

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How to prepare now to ensure your drinks brand is a success in 2021

There’s a lot of competition on beverage shelves, and soft drinks buyers do range reviews at the start of the new year. To be successful with your drinks brand in 2021 you need to start preparing now, writes Richard Horwell of F&B marketing and branding company Brand Relations. There is a lot of competition and…

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Brand Relations MD Talks with World Food Travel Association

Listen to our January 2021 episode of Food Travel Talk TV where we discussed how the COVID pandemic is changing the food and beverage products and experiences that consumers and travelers enjoy. Special thanks to our guest Richard Horwell, Brand Relations, London, UK.

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How To Make Your Food Packaging Design A Success

Whenever we are presented with a new project at Brand Relations, we understand that market research is key. Market research without you knowing will likely influence most of the decisions you make; down to: Food or drinks packaging design Recipe Development Even where you will sell to reach your target market Researching is important, if…

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How to get a drink manufactured

How to get a drink manufactured The Manufacturing process of creating a drink is one not to be underestimated. It is a complex operation that requires experience, extensive knowledge and trusting contacts to make the perfect product- ready to be sold in shops within the shortest time frame possible. At Brand Relations, our relationships with…

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Alcohol Beverage Development Case Study: Ibiza Ice

My first brainchild was one which I developed over a few years from scratch and sold 6 years later to a Dutch Billionaire; it was a long hard road but as it was my baby and I wanted nothing more than it to be a success. The name of this brainchild was called Ibiza Ice.…

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Beverage Development: Hibiscus’ Hype

Whilst many think of the humble English Rose or delicate Chamomile plant as the extent of their flower drinking habits, it may be time to think again. Hibiscus has been popular for centuries in various tropical regions of the world. It’s delicately soft large petals decorated in various shades of soft sunset,  all blooms feature…

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To add sugar or not to add sugar

When the sugar tax came into action during May 2018, the UK was hit by shock announcements that each sugar loaded drink we loved would cost more money as it was bad for us. This action, though unpopular – kickstarted a much-needed demand for healthier, low sugar drinks as consumers nor retailers want to pay…

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Beverage and Recipe Development

Recipe Development 101: Does your idea have what it takes?

At Brand Relations, we specialise in Beverage Recipe development. Recipe for us is the key factor in determining successful products from the dispensable, as consumers are won and lost on flavour. Whenever we start a new project, we work with our clients every step of the way, whilst ensuring the flavour you choose will be a…

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Covid-19 Prime time for starting a drink brand?

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we at Brand Relations have been busier than ever,  producing, developing and marketing innovative, natural, healthy snacks and beverages.  All of our pre-existing clients have stood by Brand Relations during this rocky-period and are all the better for it, due to the unexpected prosperity of this market.  Since the beginning of…

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Case Study: Actiph

Actiph is the UK’s first high alkaline, ionised water with a ph 9.0+ and offers hydration and a refreshing taste. Brand Relations in 2017 launched Actiph in the UK Market. We immediately secured key listings and was able to give Actiph the momentum and initial push it much needed. We also provided Actiph with consultation…

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Beverage Development

Can O’Water: Brand Relation’s Launch of Can O’Water

Can-O is natural spring water and sparkling spring water in a can with a resealable & a ring pull top or a resealable top. Their product is an infinitely recyclable alternative to plastic bottles as if you recycle your can, it will be back on the shelf in as little as 6 weeks. When Can…

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Wild Leaf Drinks

Wild Leaf: Brand Relations launches new Premium Craft Mixers.

Wild Leaf Drinks and our team here at Brand Relations have created premium craft mixers perfect for any premium spirit. While working with Wild Leaf Drinks, our team has turned an idea into a reality doing everything from recipe development, product design, marketing, social media, and overall strengthening the company branding to be ready for…

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Packaging Design For Snacks Case Study: Mezete

Brand Relations entirely redesigned & rebranded the Mezete Range for a UK and Europe Market Launch. We have teamed up with Mezete, a hummus and dip brand from Jordan, to rebrand their delicious products for the UK and European markets!

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Tribal: BR creates striking design and branding

Brand Relations brings North African flavours to life with Tribal Marinated Beef Strips Design & Branding. Tribal is a spicy beef jerky inspired by North-Western African flavours that are unlike anything else of the snack market!

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Food and drink today

Drinks and healthy snacking seem to be the craze at present, and everything is designed to make eating healthier, easier and quicker. Phrases like ‘deskfast’ mean you spend less time eating and more time working, therefore, brands are cashing in on this.

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Launching a new food or drink brand

Launching a new food or drink brand onto the market can very much depend on your budget, this is where a business plan is very important. So many times I have seen entrepreneurs spend all their budget on an exhibition, based on promises from the sales team of big-name buyers attending.

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Communication, communication, communication

Richard Horwell, managing director of Brand Relations, answers the age-old question: ‘how important is communication, anyway?’ Let’s talk about communication, because unless you communicate the right message to your consumer then your brand will fail. Some of the best products are no longer around as they failed to engage with their consumers as a brand!

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Coming up with an innovative idea

The first part of bringing a product to market? Coming up with a genuinely new concept, as Richard Horwell of Brand Relations explains. Over the last 10 years I have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs walk through the doors of my office with what they feel is a life-changing idea.

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