Steps Cumbrian entrepreneurs can use for developing a drinks brand

March 22, 2021 on Cumbria 24

The UK is brilliant when it comes to creativity and we’ve seen A LOT of innovation in the Food & Drink sector in recent years, writes Richard Horwell, owner of Brand Relations. Entrepreneurs in Cumbria have played their part in this. So, if you have a good idea for a new food or drink product you may be thinking of taking the plunge and starting your own business.

How to launch a food or drinks startup

March 19, 2021 on The Successful Founder

Is your entrepreneurial instinct drawing you to the Food and Drink sector? Many entrepreneurs look at the range of drinks in the Supermarkets or stores and say to themselves ‘I can do better than that!’. Creativity is brilliant in the UK, however, starting a Food or Drink company isn’t an easy option. 

Starting Up

March 19, 2021 on Feast Norfolk Magazine

Thinking of starting a food and drink business in Norfolk? Here’s some sage advice from brand expert Richard Horwell. Norfolk has wonderful produce and a diverse range of exciting new food and drink brands.  From the bakery to the dairy to the smokehouse, there is plenty going on! Perhaps you also have an idea for a new product that you’d like to launch. 

How to develop potato products brands

February 19, 2021 on Potato Review

MANY growers are looking for opportunities to develop new products to sell to the grocery trade, particularly given that the pandemic has decimated foodservice demand, affecting potato sales. Looking at the big picture it is interesting to note that a significant increase in processed potato products is forecast. As, is the case for rehydrated potato specifically.

Steps for entering the drinks industry with a new brand

17 February 2021 on Eat Sleep Wine Repeat

It is undoubtedly the case that launching a new drinks business isn’t easy.  However, there are many wine buffs who might like the idea of breaking into the market with an exciting, different product. Starting a new drinks company will require that you have a POD (point of difference); something that others aren’t doing and is clearly a direction for the market.

How to develop a new Scottish food or drink brand

February 16, 2021 on Glasgow Foodelicious

Scotland has many wonderful food and drink products both traditional and new. If you are a business owner in Glasgow who wants to create a new food or drink brand, or you are someone with a great idea for a new product and are thinking of changing career, you will need to take a number of steps to take this forward.

How to Create a Drinks Brand That Will Stand Out

February 12, 2021 on

In our present circumstances, many people are considering a change of career. And the idea of starting a new brand in the recession-proof Food and Drink sector can be appealing. You may have come up with an excellent idea for a new product, but it is important to recognize that starting a new Food and Drink business is far from easy.