How to create a standout drinks brand

11 February 2021 on Kent Business Radio

Are you thinking of a career change? Does the idea of starting a new brand in the recession proof Food & Drink sector appeal to you? You might have found yourself looking at say, the drinks available at your local supermarket and had ideas that would be a great addition to what is currently on offer.

How to Launch Your Own Drinks Brand

February 10, 2021 on

Interest in starting a food and beverage brand has increased during lockdown and 2021 is already set to be a bumper year for new releases. Richard Horwell of Brand Relations. When I was at school my classmates mostly wanted to work for a bank or the public service as it was a safe secure job; these days everyone heading into the workforce wants to be their own boss.

How To Develop Your Own Food Or Drinks Brand

February 5, 2021 on Business Leader

Richard Horwell, the owner of Brand Relations, a specialist food and drink branding company in London, spoke to Business Leader about how you can develop your own food or drinks brand. Have you ever been shopping and as you look down the shelves of drink, thought ‘I have a great idea for something new and different’?