Wake up your customers to a new day

1st July 2021 in The Brewers Journal

It was the question everyone was afraid to ask Last year. haw many breweries were going to close? In the States. 45 percent was the believed number. which was close to the same number being mooted around here.

How to develop your own food & drink brand

1st July 2021 on Wealth Tribune

So many entrepreneurs look at the range of products in the Supermarkets or stores and say to themselves ‘I can do better than that!’. When I was growing up, all my classmates wanted to work for a Bank or the Public Service as it was a safe secure job; these days everyone wants to be their own boss.

You don’t need to be a star for your recipe to shine

10 June 2021 on Business 365

In the early 80s, actor Paul Newman filled empty wine bottles with his homemade salad dressing and handed them out to neighbours as Christmas presents. When his neighbours began knocking on his door asking for refills, Newman decided he’d try selling it (with profits going to charity). It’s still in shops now. 

Starting a Food and Drink Business – Curry Life

9th June 2021 in Curry Life

Over the years I have met many budding entrepreneurs wanting to bring their dreams to life and start up a food & beverage (F&8) business. I have seen Innovative and exciting ideas with great potential, some targeted at the British love of curry. I’ve also seen quite a few that made no sense at all.

On Wine And Branding

8th June 2021 on Cambridge Wine Blogger

Let me start with a bold statement. Your branding is as important as the product itself. You can have the best tasting wine on the market but if no one picks it up and tries it, no one will ever know, 90% of a first-time purchase is based on the branding; it’s why a consumer will pick your product over their regular choice or your competition.

Food for Thought, and Profit

7th June 2021 on Technologgie

Paul Newman did it, Levi Roots did it, but could you take a home-crafted recipe, create a product and turn it into a marketable reality. Of course, you could, but there is a lot of work involved.