How does Drink development work?

Brand Relations combines years of drinks industry knowledge alongside its long-established network of partners which allows us to help you with; Beverage Development, Beverage Manufacturing, Branding Development, Marketing & Digital Expertise – all under one roof. There are certain steps we follow to make ourselves competent and the best UK drinks development agency in the market.

Product Development

Being in the drinks business since 2007, we understand that the production is a daunting process that requires experience, extensive knowledge and trusted contacts to make the perfect drinks product.


After having been behind over 130 drinks brands, we have been able to perfect a timely process of managing new start-up beverage brands to make their dreams a reality with as little stress and cost as possible.


We deal with a vast supplier network of ingredient companies – we will get you the best quality ingredients for the best value.

Our excellent relationships with all components of the supply chain, will help ensure every aspect of your drinks brand, from certifications to co-packers will be taken care of, to the highest standard at the best affordable price.

Brand Development

At Brand Relations, we live, eat & breathe drinks branding. We understand the importance of having the right branding & messaging behind your product.


Whenever a new beverage project is presented to us, we extensively research the market worldwide and establish your product’s positioning to make sure it’s timely, innovative and creative.


Everything is important down to the meaning of colour ways, patterns and logos, we will make your drinks product influential and adaptable to any future trends and clearly communicate to your target audience.


We will also be transparent from start to finish using a combination of our expertise and your ideas to bring your product to life.

Marketing Campaigns

Whenever we launch a new drinks product, we ensure we understand the product’s positioning and the market it will be sold into before anything else. We create a market analysis and market trends guide for your beverage to understand consumer behaviour and what they want to see from new drinks launch – may this be down to pricing or messaging, but also to ensure your branding & messaging is clear to your audience.


Our database covers the whole of the UK market ( and an extensive International network) of over 5000 buyers – from supermarkets and convenience stores to fitness, universities, restaurants and café chains – covering each category’s wholesale route to market  We will create a tailored target list of buyers, retailers and wholesalers that we feel will be interested in your drinks brand and with that we create our market launch plan to ensure your beverage is on trend,  is niche and is competitive from the very beginning.